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To the subject at hand, since 2003 my daily off duty carry and on duty backup has been my SW M-340SC with a couple of speed strips in my pockets.But both were heavier, the Kahr was only borderline reliable and the Shield was pushing it size wise in the pocket.I think almost all of the comments in this thread were good ones, and on point.

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While I have no personal experience with the G43, I know several of my active duty friends who have bought G43s.

Biggest thing going for the J is being able to fire from the pocket.

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However, in light of recent events here and abroad I feel grossly under-gunned with a 5-shot revolver, my Glock 43 or any brand of.380 and I tend to carry nothing less than a Glock M-26.I can also carry a full reload that is much quicker than a speed strip.If I do not feel comfortable with 5 shots I usually opt not to go there in the first place.

I also shoot my J frame and the LCR pretty well but not as well as the 43.Both coupons that I have received so far have a March 2018 expiration.

The Smith revolver triggers are heavier than my Glocks, but just feel crisper to me.

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Provides online reference materials, schedules and maps, as well as searchable GSSF match results for current and past years.Both of them regret it, and are looking to get rid of the G43s and get new Shields.I would be concerned now going back to the Airweight, that it might not hold up. read too many threads on here about frame cracking.I am not one to tell a bunch of shooters what to carry but the G43 is worth checking out.To me having to shoot it out would be a last resort scenario but I would not hesitate to save the life of my family or myself.The G43 is just slightly taller (top of rear sight to bottom of magazine) than the G26.Present the GSSF ID, GSSF coupon to a blue label participating dealers.

Gaston was very aggressive getting his products into the hands of law enforcement.Neither one is more accurate than the other, but the G43 is hands down easier to shoot more accurately, and this is a serious consideration.For about the first 20 years we could carry whatever we could qualify with.Member takes the GSSF Pistol Purchase Coupon to the dealer along with any other required documents. Read More.Ironically, my wife also upped her firepower yesterday too when I got her to go with me.

GLOCK is proud to offer the exclusive Blue Label program to support those who protect and serve communities.

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I went back to a J-frame after carrying a G19 for a few years.

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They would come closer if they would get rid of those freaking finger groove grip frames and have a flat backstrap and let their optional snap on, pin in back straps have curves in them for those that want such.

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Not the same either, but I have a G26 and LCP and was considering the G43 and J-frame to slot between them.My membership runs through 2018, and I have a couple discount cards in my wallet.

I carried a 37 in my jeans pocket for years and then I bought a G43.AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp - FORM 10-K - July 13, 2015. L.P., GSSF Master Fund, LP, Truk Opportunity Fund, LLC, Truk International Fund,.